月別アーカイブ: 2016年4月

James Blog

Hello everyone!
My name is James Gray and I’m a new one-on-one lesson partner at b Watashino Eikaiwa.
I am originally from Oxford in England, although I have also spent a lot of time in Edinburgh in Scotland, and many years in the English capital, London.


I travelled and spent time in several African countries during my earlier years due to my father’s work with the British government.
I still remember several of those experiences vividly and count them among my happiest memories. Indeed, it is likely that those experiences sparked my interest in travelling and learning about other cultures.
Perhaps another reason for my being so open to, and interested in other cultures, is due to my own mixed heritage (my father is English/Scottish, and my mother is Portuguese). Consequently, many of the relatives I grew up with came from different parts of the world.
However, the culture I have always been most interested is that of Japan.

mixed heritage

In fact, shortly before arriving in Japan in August 2015 I completed my masters degree in Japanese Culture Studies at the University of London.
I visited Japan in 2013 and made a decision that as soon as I graduated I would return to live in Tokyo; so here I am!
Interestingly, considering that I have recently completed a Japan-related course, I do not speak fluent Japanese.
This has made for some very funny and challenging situations since I arrived here!
That being said, I am now attending Japanese classes on a regular basis and I am happy to say that I understand the language a lot more now.

Aside from my interest in travelling, I enjoy reading and watching dramas/movies.
I most recently watched all of the Nobunaga Concerto episodes and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I also enjoy sports and have joined a gym in Tokyo which offers boxing and kickboxing classes.
The beauty of sports is that much of what I have learned has been through the body and not through language!
I also recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first spring here, and seeing the cherry blossom that comes with it.

cherry blossom

I will also be visiting Nagano for the first time, staying at my first ryokan, and bathing in my first onsen, during my first Golden Week in May!
The fact that I am starting to understand the language better has added a further dimension to my experience in Japan and made my stay here much more enjoyable.
I hope that your experience of learning English is also opening your mind to a wide range of new possibilities and amazing experiences; perhaps we can speak about your experiences and goals for the future when we meet?
Whatever you want to speak English for,
I am happy to help and looking forward to meeting you all!!