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About 恋と仕事に効く英語執筆チーム

b わたしの英会話が運営する恋と仕事に効く英語執筆チームです。スクールで勤務するカウンセラー、外国人講師、そして、その他スタッフがお客様サポートを通じて「あ、このフレーズ使える!」「これって英語でなんていうんだろう?」と疑問に思ったことを記事を通じて解説しています。

My First Blog by Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole but a lot of people call me “Nico”. You can call me whichever you would like!
I’m from the Philippines, specifically Quezon City in Manila.

I came to Japan in 2015 immediately right after graduating from university to study Japanese manga illustration and the Japanese language.
I’ve been working as an English conversation instructor for 6 years but I started freelancing as a UX/UI designer in April 2021.
I recently got married and moved back to Kanagawa after living in Koriyama, Fukushima for a year because of my husband’s working conditions.

I graduated from a fine arts course in university since art has been a passion of mine since I was little.
I grew up loving Japanese manga and anime so my art style is heavily them.
My all-time favorite manga artists are Ai Yazawa, Junji Ito, and CLAMP.
Here are some examples of my drawings!
なかでも 矢沢あい、伊藤潤二、CLAMPが一番お気に入りの漫画家さんです。

Other than manga and anime, I’m also a fan of puzzle games, J/RPG (Japanese/role-playing game), and F/TPS (first/third-person shooter) games.
My favorite game titles are the Persona series, Monster Hunter (I’ve been so hooked on Sunbreak recently!), Splatoon, Genshin Impact, APEX Legends, and Valorant.

I think it’s obvious already but I love spending my free time at home! Hahaha
If you’re not so big on art, anime, manga, and games, don’t worry!
Let me now tell you a whole different side of my hobbies.
I also love visiting shrines/temples, collecting shrine/temple stamps, going on trips—-especially places with nice hot springs, cooking/eating (especially Japanese and Korean food!) and playing golf with my husband.

I do hope you got to enjoy reading my first blog entry on my self-introduction, and it made you want to try having me as your lesson partner!
I would love to talk about your own hobbies and interests so I do hope to see you soon!!