月別アーカイブ: 2007年12月

Christmas Superstitions!

As it is the festive season, I would like to share some common superstitions and beliefs
from my country which are about Christmas and New Years.
A superstition is the belief in something that can bring you either good luck or bad luck,
but be warned! Some of the following may seem a little strange….
1: Witch Balls.
Did you know that the modern Christmas bauble (or ball) which we decorate the Christmas
tree with come from 18th Century England? They were hollow, glass spheres that were
hung in the windows of houses to act as protection against evil spirits, witches spells, or
just general bad fortune. They were later put on Christmas trees to prevent a visitor from
feeling envious of all the gifts sitting under the tree!
イギリスでは18世紀から、クリスマスツリーに モダンなクリスマスボールを飾っている事をご存知ですか?それは、悪霊・魔女の呪文・一般的な不運から身を守る為に、家の窓に空洞のガラス球をぶら下げると言う事から来ています。
2: Fires.
As is it much colder in England than in Japan, many families keep cheerful fires roaring in
the fireplace at Christmas. Traditionally presents for each of the family members would be
hung in stockings or socks over the blazing fire. However an old superstition is that if you
have difficulty lighting the fire on Christmas Day, this means you will have bad luck in the
New Year!
3: Christmas Cake.
My favourite kind of cake! It is rich, sweet and fruity with a thick layer of icing and a sweet
substance called ‘marzipan’ on top and is only sold at Christmas. Traditionally it was
thought unlucky to eat any before Christmas Day itself, nowadays it is not bad luck as long
as you keep one piece back for Christmas Day. So if you eat any Christmas cake this year,
don’t eat it all at once!
4: Christmas Pudding.
Like the cake, is is rich and full of fruit, but it is heavier, is eaten hot, and often contains
spices and brandy (better for adults than for kids!), and is eaten on December 25th after
the Christmas Dinner.
A common superstition is this; when preparing the pudding mix, each member of the family
has to take turns mixing the ingredients together. Each time a person stirs the mixture,
they must make a wish which will come true in the New Year. But be careful not to tell anyone
your wish, or it won’t come true! (my mother believes in this one).
5: Spirits
At midnight on Christmas Eve (December 24th) the doors of the house must be opened to
release all the evil spirits from the house. Then on midnight on New Years Eve. (December
31st) the doors must be opened again to welcome in the New Year and the good spirits
are invited to live in the house for the next year (My father believes in this one).
These are just a few of many English Christmas superstitions! Which ones do YOU believe
And Merry Christmas!