Minato Mirai


‘Minato Mirai,’ or the ‘Harbor of the Future,’ is the central business district of Yokohama city and a major tourist destination throughout the Greater Tokyo Area (also close to b Yokohama school).

A massive complex of business offices, shopping malls, and cultural/entertainment facilities, it was initially developed in the 1980’s and currently hosts several major hotels, office towers, art museums, and numerous cafes and shops.

Let’s have a look at some of the major attractions:


The large building that captures the eye is ‘Landmark Tower,’ a massive 73-story building which contains a five-star hotel, numerous shops, restaurants, clinics, and offices. The tallest building in Japan, it has become a symbol of Yokohama city since its construction in 1993. The 69th floor observatory offers a 360-degree view of the city, and on clear days Mount Fuji.


At the foot of the Landmark Tower is the ‘Dockyard Garden.’ This preserved stone-built commercial dock is the oldest in Japan, and has been recognised as a nationally designated Important Cultural Property. First built in 1896, it played an important role as a harbour facility for around 70 years. When it ceased operation in 1973, the people of Yokohama called for the preservation of this important facility. The dock’s location was moved slightly to its current location to coincide with the construction of the ‘Landmark Tower.’ It’s original location was at the base of where Landmark Tower stands today.

‘Landmark Plaza’ is large shopping complex on the bottom floors which hosts unique shops, popular restaurants, and fashionable cafes. From casual clothing brands such as H&M, Banana Republic, and GAP to numerous restaurants and cafes, this large shopping complex is a must-visit for families and couples looking for an afternoon to shop.

Just outside Landmark Tower is a permanently docked sailing ship called ‘Nippon Maru.’ Built in 1930 as a training ship for cadets of the Japanese merchant marine, it has become a museum ship for tourists. Visitors can enter the ship and attend tours hosted by guides. It is located in the vicinity of ‘Nippon Maru Memorial Park.’

Minutes away from Landmark Tower is a small yet entertaining amusement park called ‘Cosmo World.’ The main feature of this amusement park is the ferris wheel, one of the biggest in the world with a height of about 112 meters. It offers a magnificent view of the city and harbour of Yokohama at night. Other attractions include a roller coaster and a rapid rafting ride.

‘Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall’ is a large concert hall located within the Minato Mirai complex. With its fine construction and world-class acoustics, many major orchestras and ensembles perform here throughout the year.

Just minutes away is a spa and relaxation center called ‘Manyo Club.’ It offers hot spring baths with water brought in daily by truck from the Izu Peninsula. Paid services include acupuncture, foot pressure therapy, and various styles of massage, while restaurants, internet access, and relaxation rooms are also available in the facility.

Minato Mirai is a great place to visit with friends or family. Whether to satisfy your shopping desires, get a thrill at the amusement park, or enjoy an evening of classical music, you will surely have an experience slightly different from Tokyo!


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