New York City, St. Marks! by Jocelyn

Hi everyone! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite districts in New York City, St. Marks! 
こんにちは!今回は、ニューヨークの中で私のお気に入りの地区、St. Marks について

Accessible via the subway to Astor Pl station, St Marks is filled with tons of great food and amazing art!
If you’re ever in New York City and want a little Japanese food to feel at home again, St Marks is the place to go. Lots of great Japanese restaurants are there offering shabu-shabu, yakiniku, even kushiage and yakitori!
But most specially, there is an Ippudo! Yes, the same Ippudo ramen shop here in Tokyo!
地下鉄でAstor Pl 駅から行けるSt Marks は、素晴らしい食べ物と驚くべき芸術で溢れています! もしニューヨークに来た時に、日本食を食べて日本を思い出したいときはぜひ
St Marks へ行って下さい! おいしい日本食レストランがたくさんあって、しゃぶしゃぶ、焼き肉、串揚げや焼き鳥屋なんかもあります! 

New York

Of course, there isn’t only Japanese food — there’s Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, or a McDonald’s if you want something quick.
St Marks isn’t all about food, though. It’s home to some of NYU (New York University) as well as the Cooper Union School of Art. It is no surprise, then, that the first thing you see coming out of Astor Pl station is this statue that you can spin!
でも食べ物だけじゃないですよ! St Marks はNYU(ニューヨーク大学)の本拠地でもあり、
Cooper Union School of Art (という芸術学校)の本拠地でも有ります。 Astor Pl駅で

New York2

It also has a lot of small shopping boutiques for you shopping fans out there!
My favorite live hall is located in St Marks as well, called The Studio at Webster Hall. I have seen lots of concerts there, so it feels a little like my concert home.
私のお気に入りの、The Studio at Webster Hall というライブホールもSt Marks にあります。今までここでたくさんのコンサートを観たので、コンサートといように感じます!

New York3

So next time you’re in New York City, if you have time between all the musicals and shopping on 5th Ave, please give St Marks a try!
Until next time!
ぜひ、St Marks も試しに訪れてみて下さいね!



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