Pitch Perfect by Nicola

A few months ago, Peter wrote an article about his favourite “feel good” film.

I`ve seen the film he wrote about – Midnight in Paris – and agree with him about it`s greatness and artistic quality. But my all time (most) favourite feel good film is called Pitch Perfect.
私も彼が書いていた映画「Midnight in Paris」を見たので、映画の偉大さや芸術的なクオリティーについてはPeterと同じ意見です!でも、私のお気に入りの”心が温まる”映画は「Pitch Perfect.」です。

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a recent film made in America and follows the acapella craze, which the TV series Glee became so popular for. The story centres around main character Beca, who loves producing her own music and making new songs by combining two originals.
「Pitch Perfect.」はアメリカで作られた最近の映画で、テレビドラマ「Glee」がとても有名になったことを受けて、アカペラを題材にしています。物語のメインキャラクターは、自分自身で歌を作ったり、2つの曲をミックスして新しい曲を制作したりすることが大好きなベッカです。

She joins university in a new town but doesn`t want to get involved with any extra curricular activities. Beca`s father strongly encourages her to join a club so she can have a better experience. Eventually, she decides to join an all-female acapella music group.

Pitch perfect2

After a shaky start with the group, she realizes these girls are important to her and they should work together to form a strong union. Their focus is to compete in the year`s biggest competition, which they recently lost the title for. Their biggest rivals are an all-male acapella group from the same university / college.

Pitch perfect3

The climax of the film is the aforementioned competition, where things get very heated and the winners are announced.
Of course, there is an underlying romance between Beca and one of the male acapella singers running throughout the film.

I like this film because – for me – any film set at an American university is a form of escapism. The weather is always perfect and the whole atmosphere seems fun. I also love the musical theme of this film. Listening to music or singing makes anyone feel good. It makes me feel upbeat and happy.

Pitch Perfect4

My high point of this film is when they do a `sing-off` or they call it a `riff off`. This is where both acapella groups have to sing songs competing with each other. They have to sing over each other in the correct part of the song. It`s also the turning point (changing point) of the film .
Find out for yourself and watch this film! I promise it won`t let you down (disappoint).
私が映画で一番好きな所は、「riff off」と呼ばれている、2つのグループが交互に歌を歌って競争する場面です。彼らは決められた歌の部分をお互いに歌い上げなくてはいけないんです。ここの場面も映画の中の一つのターニングポイントです。ぜひ、自分で見て、確かめて下さいね!絶対にがっかりさせませんよ。



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