LUCY by Jacquelyn


Lucy is a sci-fi, action, thriller which stars Scarlett Johansson as Lucy and Morgan Freeman as professor Samuel Norman.
The movie is about a young woman who is living and studying in Taipei but gets tricked into becoming a drug mule by her boyfriend.
Lucy gets caught by a gang of bad guys whose leader is a Korean drug lord named Mr. Jang (played byChoi Min-sik).
ルーシーは、ルーシー役のスカーレット・ヨハンソンとサムエルノーマン博士役のモーガンフリーマン主演のSF アクションスリラー映画です。映画は、タイペイに住む学生の女の子のお話ですが、ルーシーは彼氏に騙されマフィアの闇組織に麻薬の運び人になってしまいます。


The gang then forcibly implants a bag of synthetic drugs into her abdomen with the intention of having her take the drugs back with her to America.
However, while she is in captivity one of the men attacks her and kicks her in the stomach. As a result, the bag of drugs breaks open and the drug is released into her system. The drug; however, enables Lucy to increasingly be able to use more of her brain.
Therefore, she becomes like a super hero who can read people’s thoughts and move things without touching them among other things.
Lucy escapes her captors and then reaches out for help to professor Samuel Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) who is doing brain research.
At the same time she attacks the drug lord, Mr. Jang, and recovers the synthetic drugs which causes them to chase after her in order to get revenge.


In my opinion the movie had great potential. I like movies that make you think and offer new ideas and perspectives. So, I was really looking forward to the parts about using more of our brains and learning
more about what might be possible. However, the movie doesn’t really “teach” you anything. I was expecting Morgan Freeman’s character to outline what Lucy could expect in the next 24 hours as she got more brain use, but he basically had no idea what was happening to her. So, the audience is really left in the dark about what she can do and why she can do it. So, I think the plot was pretty shallow.
In the action category, I would say it was mediocre. There really wasn’t anything that I hadn’t seen before in other action movies. A high speed car chase and gun shoot outs. So, I didn’t feel it was that
spectacular. Also, Scarlett Johansson didn’t do any cool fightmoves….which I would have liked to see. And, for those with a weak stomach, some parts were a bit graphic.
Overall, I would give the movie 3 stars. My recommendation, if you do see the movie, is to just watch
it for the action and let your imagination run wild. Don’t try to think about it too much.


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