“Ninja Island”by Jon

 ”That’s the legendary Ninja Island, ya?*” I asked our ever reliable navigator as the speck of land visible just over the horizon gradually took shape. “Sure is!” She shot back. “You guys have been there before, no?*”. “Nope, not me. But I’ve read all about it in books. Did you know that in Japan, there are many different ninjas, and each one houses a different god?” Our shipwright proclaimed with an air of superiority. “That’s ‘Jinja’, not ‘ninja’, you fool!” Madam navigator riposted.

彼女はすぐさま答えた。「あなたたち行ったことないの?」「俺はない。でもその島のことは全部本で読んだ。なあ知ってたか?日本には、忍者と言ってもいろんな種族がいて、それぞれに信じる神様が違うって。」 船大工が自慢気に言った。「それは忍者じゃなくて神社よ。バカね!」航海士が素早く切り返した。


“Land ho!” I blurted out. “We’re gonna eat now, ya?* I want a thick T-bone with a side of pork tenderloin!”

“Hold your horses! Our first priority is getting directions to the next island. Don’t cause a ruckus, at least not until we get our hands on — ” Before she knew it, our navigator was standing in solitude on the anchored ship.

Looking at a group of suspiciously dressed young men huddled on the side of the road, I inquired “What’s up with those guys’ strange outfits?” “No idea man, just ignore them and let’s find some grub.” Mr. Music said, with a worried look affixed on his face.

Just then, “Hey you! Ya! You three! You’re pirates, aren’t you!?*” One of the oddly dressed men cried with a sense of disdain.


“We sure are! But we’re no ordinary pirates. I’m the future pirate king! Want an autograph?”I countered. “Based on your forehead protector, I assume you’re from the Gouka clan in the fire village, am I right?*” Our swordsman added.
“Spot on. What’s your business here on our island, wise guy? Looking for trouble, huh?*” The 5 men, each with his own unique stature, began approaching us. We were outnumbered…

“That’s none of your concern. We don’t have time to waste on you pipsqueaks” The swordsman shot back just as I noticed we had been reduced to just the two of us. Apparently our musician had already fled the scene. We were outnumbered, 5 on 2. If these guys were indeed experienced ninjas, this could be a really grave situation. But no worries, I’m always full of good ideas…

* = Tag question
— Used to confirm information or to express your desires



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