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Happy October!

How are you? I hope you are enjoying this time of the year, with just the most perfect weather.
皆さまお元気ですか? 1年の中で最高な気候のこの時期を、皆さまも楽しんでいることと思います。

I actually just came back from Indonesia – to celebrate my own Wedding. 😉
It was really unforgettable because I designed and planned everything myself, with the help of my dearest family of course. 😉
実は私はインドネシアから帰ってきたばかりです- 自分の結婚式を挙げてきました(^^)

I chose the wedding venue to be in Lombok, Indonesia. It is an island beside Bali and it was so serene and peaceful.
会場にはインドネシアのロンボク島を選びました 。バリ島の隣の島で、とてものどかで平和な


This wedding means a lot to me, not just because it is my Big Day but also because I am a wedding designer and I have always dreamed of designing my own wedding. So it was a lot of hard work and effort to get all the decor items and transported them to Lombok Island. But it was a process that I enjoyed tremendously.
この結婚式はとても大事な日というだけでなく、ウェディングデザイナーとして自分自身の結婚式をデザインすることをずっと夢見ていた私にとって とても意味のあるものでした。なのでロンボク島にすべての装飾アイテムを移動させるのはとても大変な作業 でした。でも私はその過程をものすごく楽しみました。

A lot of my guests came from all over the world. That was what made it even more special. They came all the way to a remote island to celebrate with my family.
たくさんのゲストが世界中から来てくれました 。そのおかげで結婚式がより特別なものになりました。彼らは私の家族とお祝いするために遠い島へはるばる来てくれたのです。

Since it was an international wedding, we decided we wanted to introduce the culture of Japanese and Indonesian Chinese Wedding to our guests.
インターナショナルな結婚式だったので私たちは日本の文化とインドネシア系中国の文化をゲストの方々に紹介することにしました 。

So we decided to perform the Japanese tea Ceremony, followed by a Chinese Tea Ceremony. We performed this ceremony to respect our elders, we offered them tea, and in return they would give us blessing with their gifts.


So my family decided to wear our Indonesian Chinese traditional garments. In conjunction, my husband’s family wore the Hakama and also brought their tea master to perform.
私の家族はインドネシア系中国の伝統的な衣装をまとうことにしました。それに合わせて夫の 家族は袴を着て、さらにお披露目のために茶道の先生を連れてきてくれました 。


I designed the tea ceremony room to reflect the mix of our culture, with mainly Red color as the dominant color for Good Luck and all the other items such as the Teapots, Paper umbrellas, Wooden fans and Omamori curated from traditional markets in Bali and Lombok as well as Tokyo.

I just love designing Wedding. I love weddings as it is a celebration of love. I would love to help you if you have any questions about Wedding. 😉 It is my hobby and also my passion.


So This is only the first part of my Wedding Blog. It will be continued next month with more details on the ceremony and dinner event. (Indonesians like to party from morning to the next morning) 😉

So stay tune for the next parts of the celebration! 😉

Have a lovely day,



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