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Indie Game: The Movie

Hello everyone 🙂

I wanted to introduce a documentary that I enjoyed very much called “Indie Game: The Movie”. This movie is motivating for me since it relates to my hobby of making games! The people in this documentary live hard lives because their game projects are their primary job. The movie follows several game developers and their lives, their dreams, their struggles, and finally shows the results of their hard work.




Indie Game

In the title is the word “indie”. This is short for “independent”. So, the phrase “indie game” is referring to an “independent game” that is not sponsored by a company or publisher. This type of game is developed using the team’s money, and it is also sometimes supported by fans.

このタイトルの「Indie (インディー)」は「independent(自主の・独立した)」の略語です。ですので、この「Indie Game (インディー・ゲーム)」は「independent game」、つまり会社や出版社から後援を受けていない人たちによって制作されたゲームのことを示しています。このようなゲームは制作者の自費で賄うか、もしくはファンの援助によって作られます。

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Indie Game2

Since there is no company sponsoring the game’s creation, this gives indie developers lots of freedom to make any kind of game they desire! Indie teams are small enough to be able to take risks and develop a game more like a piece of art. You will see this idea passionately described in the documentary.


The people in the documentary are not simply making a game, but are rather making an extension of themselves and their personalities. They have the freedom to give their game soul and make it personal. In playing the games they make you are also able to learn and communicate with their personal ideas. This concept is explained very well in the film 🙂


Indie Game3

Indie Game: The Movie is in English, but Japanese subtitles are available. If you would like to know more, here is a link 😀

「インディー・ゲーム」は英語ですが、日本語の字幕もあります。もっと知りたければ、このリンクを見てください 😀

If you watch the movie let me know! I’ll see everyone soon 🙂

もし見る機会があったら、是非話しを聞かせて下さい!では、またお会いしましょう :)



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