The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music – My All-Time Favourite Movie







"The hills are alive, with the sound of music…"
I'm sure you know this song, right? Or maybe you know, "Edelweiss", another
famous song from my favourite movie,"The Sound of Music".
"The hills are alive, with the sound of music…"




I love this movie for so many reasons:




1. The singing and (some) dancing – The movie is full of fun, exciting,
enjoyable and well-written songs of various styles

2. The lovely storyline – Maria, a beautiful, super friendly nun who loves
to sing, is always getting in trouble! So she is sent to live with a rich
family and look after the 7 children, because their father is very busy and their mother has passed away.

1 「歌と踊り」:わくわくするような明るい歌、様々なスタイルの素敵な歌をたくさん出てくるところ

2 「素晴らしい物語」:歌好きで、美しく、とてもフレンドリーな修道女のマリアがいつもトラブルに巻き込まれるの! お金持ちの家族の元へ送られて、母親を亡くし、父親は仕事で忙しい7人の子供たちの世話をすることになるの。



3. The political lessons/morals – This movie is set during the Third Reich,
when the Nazis were starting to spread throughout Europe.

4. The setting – The movie takes place in beautiful Austria! For me, this
is very special because my father is from Austria's neighbouring country,

3 「分別のある教訓・道徳」:この映画はナチスがヨーロッパで勢力を拡大してきた第三帝国時代を描いているの。

4 「舞台」:この映画は景色の美しいオーストリアが舞台になっているのよ。私の父がオーストリアのお隣のスイス出身だから、私にとってはなんだか特別な映画なの!!



The story is very cute, because it starts with Maria living at an *abbey*and serving as a nun. I guess nuns are supposed to be quiet and calm – but
Maria is exactly the opposite – she is silly and crazy and very fun! And
most of all – she just LOVES to sing!! I love Maria, because she reminds me of myself!! She is so *vivacious* and full of *joie de vivre*.









After the nuns decide that Maria is just too much to handle, they decide to send her to work as a *governess* for the Von Trapp family, a family *comprised of* a single father, a retired sea captain, whose seven children are very naughty and difficult to care for. Their mother passed away some years earlier and the children are sad because their father never gives them any attention! So, they *act up* in order to get his attention.









Over time and after a series of events, the children start to love Maria,
and see her as a good friend! Eventually, Maria realises that, along with
loving the children, she has also begun to fall in love with their father,
Captain Von Trapp.








The problem is…he is engaged to marry another woman!! So, Maria runs away one night and decides to return to the Abbey. There she talks to her
superior and is encouraged to return to the Von Trapp family house!
So she returns and…well, I don't want to give the whole story away…if
you want to know the rest, you'll just have to watch the movie!!




o please check it out and let me know about your favourite part of the
movie next time we meet!!
Until then…So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu…




*Here are some words and phrases that may have been new for you today:

*abbey* – a dormitory/living place for nuns

*act up* – behave in a naughty way; do something bad

*comprised of* – made up of; includes

*give the story away* – reveal the secret/surprise of a story

*governess* – an old-fashioned kind of babysitter; someone who looks after

*joie de vivre* – this word is French and it literally means,

"joy of
life" – some who is full of joie de vivre is someone who just loves life!
*vivacious* – energetic, youthful, bubbly and outgoing – –> super, super


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