Glee Scripts by Jacqelyn

Hello everyone! How many of you are Glee fans? It may sound silly, but recently I have started watching dubbed versions of Glee to practice my Japanese.
A number of members have told me that they like to watch Glee and that they try to watch it in English, but that it’s still too difficult to understand.
Well, I would like to try to help you understand some of the lingo used in this famous TV drama.
皆さんこんにちは!Gleeのファンの方は何名いますか? ちょっとおバカに聞こえるかもしれませんが、最近私は日本語の練習のために吹き替えバージョンのGleeを観始めました。


Let’s start with this little conversation from Season 1 Pilot.
This conversation takes place in the teacher’s lounge.

Will Schuester: “Where’s the coffee pot?”
ウィル シュースター:コーヒーポットはどこ?

Teacher: “Figgins got rid of it. Budget cuts. You know, I know for a fact that they are still getting hot java at Carver. We should strike.”

Sue Sylvester: “Hello, boys. Who needs a pick-me-up?”

Teacher: “Wow, lattes!”

Sue Sylvester: “Yeah, I am a bit of a coffee snob. Now, the key to a perfect latte, is in the temperature of the steamed milk. I like mine scalding.”

OK. Did you get it? If not, here is what some of the words mean:

◆get rid of: to throw away or give away(捨てる、手放す)

I got rid of some old clothes after cleaning my closet.

◆java: another name for coffee(コーヒーの別名)

I am going to Starbucks to get my morning java.

◆pick-me-up: something that gives you more energy or makes you feel cheerful (i.e. coffee, fruit smoothie, energy drinks, snacks, martinis, sweets, etc.) 


The hot chocolate is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, and if you need a snack, try the minestrone soup with fresh-baked bread.

◆snob: a person who wants to be in a high social position and thinks they are better than those in lower social positions.

Her mother was a snob and wanted her daughter to marry a lawyer.

◆coffee snob: someone who is really particular about their coffee – they usually support local roasters and will not drink pre-ground non-fresh coffee, including instant coffee. They wouldn’t drink Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, or McDonalds coffee.
(コーヒーに細かいこだわりがある人。 現地の新鮮な焙煎コーヒー豆しか受け付けなく、インスタントコーヒーなどの粉末コーヒーは飲まない。スターバックスやダンキンドーナッツ、マクドナルドなどのコーヒーも飲まないような人たちのこと。)

coffee snob

◆the key to ~ : a small, important piece of information that helps you understand something.

The key to success is handwork and determination.

◆scalding: super hot (とても熱い)
She took a sip of scalding tea.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to hearing your comments!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


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