Cruising the Blue, But We Ain’t Got a Clue by Jon

Hey, what’s up?
Things are all good on this end. We have been navigating the waves for a few months now, hoping we don’t find ourselves in our own graves. Everybody seems to be improving their skills at a crazy rate, which is good because you never know when you’ll meet a foe who, at first glance, may appear to be a mate. As usually, I have been eating plenty of meat prepared by our fantastic cook, who has been making stupendous dishes without even a glance at a book. My favorite is his stuffed chicken breast. The mix of spices really piques my interest.



Our navigator has been serious, as always. She could probably find her way with her eyes closed even on rainy days. She did, however, get us lost once. We ended up on an island full of giants and looked like a bunch of runts. The giants were quite the nice bunch, every afternoon we all gathered and had roasted dino-stew for lunch. Since we left the island, we have been keeping in touch with those chumps, as they were nice enough to send us off with some huge Tyrannosaurus rumps.



Day after day, without even a break, our musician has been busting a groove while I have been feasting on a steak. He can flawlessly play all of your favorites, whether it’s The Beatles, Justin Bieber or J-Pop’s latest hits. He’s still as skinny as ever, like a single straw of hay, but I’ve stopped worrying about him because I found out he’s undead; but that’s a story for another day.



On to our swordsman, now this guy is tough; Since he boarded the ship, he has been lifting anything he can find, which explains why he’s so buff. I warn outsiders not to get in his way, or they’ll soon be yelling “May Day!” He has been trying to create his own super-charged protein drink to further enhance his musculature; Even though anybody who stands beside him already looks miniature. I wonder when his obsession with muscles will come to an end; Perhaps when he no longer has a crew to defend.

僕らの剣士;こいつがまたタフなヤツなんだ。 彼が乗船してから、目に入るものすべてを筋トレ道具として使っているんだ。彼がなぜあれ程筋肉質なのかが分かるよ。部外者に対しては、彼の邪魔に入らないよう僕は忠告するんだ。じゃないと「助けて!」と叫ばれてしまうから。彼は、筋肉アップをはかるため、自分オリジナルのエネルギードリンクを調合しようとしているんだ;既に、隣に立つ人が小人に見えるにも関わらず。彼の筋肉への執着がいつ終わるのかが気になるよ;もしかしたら、守る乗員が皆死んでからかもしれない。


Look at that sill dancing imbecile; Every day he has been adding new moves to his dance arsenal. Although the man is a certified fool, he’s quite the genius if you give him a tool. Because he has been giving our ship a daily check, we have no fear of ending up in a wreck. At the next island we visit, he’s planning on giving our beloved boat an upgrade, but I hear it’s littered with ninjas, I hope we’re not in for a raid…



Has/Have been + verb-ing
Has/Have been + adjective



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