Wisconsin colloquialisms by Jackie

Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce to you some colloquialisms from my home state – Wisconsin.
Many people in Japan have never heard of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin is located in the north-central part of the United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.
It is mainly farm country, but there are a few big cities – Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.
My hometown is very small, and it is located about 30 minutes from Green Bay by car.



People in Wisconsin have a pretty distinct accent.
In fact, I recommend watching the movie, Fargo.
Even though it takes place in Minnesota (the state right next to Wisconsin), they pretty much hit the nail on the head with duplicating our accent.
So, for today, I would like to give you some words that we use in Wisconsin, that you may or may not hear others from the US use.

◆ Fargo(ファーゴ):1996年製作のアメリカ映画。


Bubbler: Another name for a water fountain or a drinking fountain.
噴水式水飲み場(Bubbler):他の名前で言うと、water fountainもしくはdrinking fountainとも言います。

Dem, Dat, Dis, and Dere: Our Wisconsin dialect has mainly been influenced by the northern and central European language family.
And because of this northern European influence, we tend to drop the “th” sound and replace it with a “d” sound.

Them – “dem”
That – “dat”
This – “dis”
There – “dere”

Yous Guys / Yous: This is how we refer to a group of people. So in Wisconsin you might hear a nice waitress come up to your table and say, “what can I get for yous guys today?”
Yous Guys / Yousについて:
これは人のグループの呼び方です。ですので、ウィスコンシン州でもしかしたら綺麗なウエイトレスが注文をとりにテーブルに来た時、「what can I get for yous guys today?(皆様の注文は何になりますか?)」と言っているのを聞くかもしれません。

Ya know?: We sometimes start or end a sentence with “ya know”. If we start a sentence with it, it means we have a thought in our head that we want to share. For example, “ya know, we should pick up some beer for the party.”
私達は時々文のはじめかもしくは最後に「ya know」をつけるときがあります。もし私達がそれを文頭につけたら、共有したい考えがあるという意味になります。例えば、「Ya know, 今日のパーティのためにビールを用意した方がいいよね」

And placed at the end of the sentence means we are checking to see if the other person agrees or understands what you are talking about. I know I often say this in lessons, but many people don’t know what I’m trying to say! So, if you hear me say, “ya know”, or “ya know what I mean?”, this means I’m checking for your understanding.
そして文の最後に「ya know」をつける場合、聞き手がその話題について同意しているか、理解できているかを確認するためのものです。
よく私のレッスンで言いますが、上手く皆さんに伝わってないみたいですね。だから、もしレッスン中に私が”ya know”か”ya know what I mean(私が言っていることがわかりましたか?)?”と言ったら、今日のレッスンの内容について皆さんが理解できているかを確認しているということです。

Stop ‘n go lights: Another name for traffic lights or traffic signal.
=Stop ‘n go lights信号で一旦止まりなさい。:他はtraffic lights(交通信号)とtraffic signalともいいます。

Yah: Yes
Yah ‘der hey: That’s right 
Yah Yah: I heard you the first time (said to someone who is nagging you)

Soda: Carbonated beverage, like Coke, Pepsi, or 7-up.

Geeez! – (pronounced “jee – z”) We say this when we feel annoyed when someone does something really unbelievable. For example, if you had plans to meet someone for lunch and they never showed up or called you to tell you y weren’t coming, we would say something like, “Geeez, she could have at least called.”

Real Quick: We use this when asking a small favor. It doesn’t mean to do it quickly, it just means that it is a small favor. For example, “Can you hand me that pen real quick?”
Real Quick これは、ささいなお願い事をするときによく使います。「すばやい」という意味ではなく、「お願い事」を意味します。例えば、「ペンをとってくれませんか?」といいます。

Cheese curds: These are small pieces of cheese that come from the fresh curds of cheese, often cheddar. Their flavor is mild, but they have a springy texture and “squeek” in your mouth when you eat them fresh. This food is well known in Wisconsin, but many other people from around America have never heard of it.
Cheese curds: これらは小さなチーズの小片、新鮮な凝乳状型チーズから作られてます。よくチェダーチーズで作られてます。味はとてもマイルドですが弾力のある感触で、作りたてのままで食べるとキーキーという音が出ます この食べ物はウィスコンシンでよく知られていますが、多くのアメリカあたりから来た人々はこの名前さえも聞いたことがありません。



So, these are just some of the funny and quirky things that we say where I come from. If you want to hear a short two minute comedy act about our accent, please visit the link below real quick, hey!



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