share my journey with everyone! by Jennifer

 Hi everyone! Long time no see!

As many of you know, I am from the great state of Texas. Lately, I’ve felt a little homesick, so I decided to plan an imaginary vacation back to my home state. I wanted to share my journey with everyone!


First, I would start in my hometown of Houston. The Houston metro area has more than 6 million people, and it is the most populous city in Texas. I love Houston because it is so diverse; there are more than 90 languages spoken in Houston alone. I would go to the zoo, visit the galleria, and take a trip to the Johnson Space Center.


Then I would drive about 200 miles to central Texas, and visit Austin. Austin has the motto “Keep Austin weird”, which means that you can find many extraordinary places and people in this town. It is a wonderful place surrounded by nature. I would visit Zilker Park, swim in Barton Springs, and enjoy a music festival or two.



After that, I’d take a quick drive to neighboring San Antonio. San Antonio is a beautiful city that is a great historical treasure to Texans. In San Antonio, I would visit the Riverwalk, eat tons of delicious Tex-Mex food, and go see an NBA San Antonio Spurs game! The San Antonio Spurs will be the NBA champs for 2014! GO SPURS GO!


Next, I would visit Dallas, probably the most famous city in Texas. Dallas is a great place to experience the cowboy days of long ago as well as the modern times. In Dallas, I would tour the art district, eat mouth-watering barbecue, and go shopping.


Finally, I would take a 9 hour drive and go to El Paso, on the very west tip of Texas. El Paso is the image that everyone has of Texas; dry desert with cacti growing freely. It’s an interesting mix of Texas and Mexico. The drink called “The Margarita” was allegedly invented in El Paso. In El Paso, I would go hiking in the mountains, visit museums, and go to the US/Mexico border!


El Paso

So would you like to come with me on my make-believe trip to Texas? Let me know at our next lesson!


Thanks a lot,



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