Icons of Sydney by Patrick

Have you ever been to Sydney? It’s an exciting place, bursting with interesting things to see and do.
For example – you can go shopping at fashionable boutiques on Oxford Street, visit some koalas next to Sydney Harbour, eat some real ‘Aussie tucker’ meat pies or even climb the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge!

シドニーへ行ったことはありますか? 見るもの、することがたくさんあり面白いことで溢れていて、エキサイティングな場所です! 
※Aussie tucker = オーストラリアならではの食べ物。(tuckerはオーストラリアではfoodの意味)

Aussie tucker’ meat pies

Do you know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
It is one of the many ‘icons of Sydney’ and is very famous around the world. But do you know about it’s history?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge began construction on the 28th of July 1923, but was not finished until the 19th of January 1932!
That means that it took a whole nine years to build! It was built for trains, cars and people to easily cross over from the northern to the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, and also contains two ‘pylons’ (stone towers) on both sides that contain museums about the history of the bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge quickly became famous for it’s beautiful shape, and has gone on to become closely identified with the city of Sydney.

ということは、出来上がるまで丸々9年もかかったということですね! この橋は、電車や車や人々がシドニーハーバーの北海岸から南海岸に渡りやすくするために作られ、さらに両サイドには石で出来た支柱(pylons)があり、その中がこの橋の歴史についてのミュージアムになっています。 

Sydney Harbour

Another famous icon of Sydney is the Sydney Opera House – I’m sure you know of this building’s beautiful ‘fan-like’ appearance.
But did you know that this iconic building is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
It began construction on the 2nd of March 1959, and was completed in 1973.
There was a competition held to decide on the design with Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, being declared the winner – do you think that they made the right choice?
These days, you can see many wonderful types of concerts, operas and shows inside one of the many halls hidden inside the interesting exterior.
I have been lucky enough to see at least 5 concerts here!

このデザインを手がけたデンマークの建築家、Jorn Utzon(ヨーン・ウツソン) は、ある大会で優勝しました。 皆さん、もこの勝利に賛成ですか? 

Sydney Opera House

I hope that you will visit Sydney someday (if you haven’t already!) and not only eat some great Aussie food and spend some time with a koala or kangaroo, but experience these wonderful cultural icons for yourself – with a bit of history in your mind to help you enjoy them even more!

ぜひとも、いつかシドニーに訪れてもらいたいです!(もしまだ行ったことがなければ!) そして、オーストラリアならではの食べ物を食べたりコアラやカンガルーと過ごしたりするだけではなく、自分自身で、これらの素晴らしい文化的な建物を体験してください!



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