How comedy in Japan is a bit different to Australia by Kristen

Hi, everyone!
I would like to thank you for always taking the time to read my blog.
I really do appreciate it and I hope that you all enjoy reading it.

Today I would like to write about Comedy and comedians, How comedy in Japan is a bit different to Australia, What things are different.

As many of you know I am interested in Japanese comedy.
I have been to see my friend’s skit group live in Nakano and I really enjoy watching comedy shows on TV.
Some of my favourite shows are Ame Talk, Shabekuri 007, Chaplin, Wednesday Downtown, London Hearts etc,

In Australia I used to watch the Comedy Company (they do lots of skits about different TV shows and the news etc,
I also watched Fast Forward (similar kind of thing but they also had some original characters teaching you different things(Of course they weren’t good at what they were teaching).
一方オーストラリアでは、“the Comedy Company”(それぞれ違う番組やニュースの小芝居をやる番組です)や、
“Fast Forward”(コメディーカンパニーと似ていますが、この番組はオリジナルのキャラクターがいてウケの良さそうな内容を紹介していく番組です)をよく観ていました。

I also enjoyed one show called The Chasers, War on Everything.
In this show the comedians would go outside govt offices and pretend to sell things with a microphone and speaker, but they were always removed.
また、“The Chasers, War on Everything”という番組もよく観ていました。

They also did things like buy furniture from IKEA and see if they could bring it back and get a refund with the furniture built the wrong way.
In Japan I find you use the language to make the joke funny (in most cases) but in Australia we do things as pranks or skits or mine to make things funny.

One duo that were really good at miming but using just sound effects and actions to be funny were called The Umbilical Brothers. Their comedy is very clever.
”The Umbilical Brothers”というコンビがいて、音響や面白い動きをしながらモノマネをするとても面白いコンビいるんだけど、彼らのコメディーはとても賢いの。

The Umbilical Brothers

Going back to Japanese Comedy, you also have a lot of special shows that give out awards like the M1 Grand Prix, The R1 Grand Prix, Ippon, etc.
We don’t have such shows in Australia but we do have a famous Comedy Festival in Melbourne (Which is also televised nation wide) where you get to see new Comedians, who are stand up comedians or who do skits and from this festival they can win an award.

Comedy Festival in Melbourne

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!



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