a trip to Nagano by Andrea



Hello b-members!



I would like to tell you about my recent trip to Nagano prefecture. Many Americans have heard of Nagano, because the 1998 Winter Olympics were held there. This was my first trip there. I stayed one night and two days.



I went by bullet train to Nagano City. My favorite part of riding the bullet train is always the “train lunch box” so I made sure to buy one at the station. After arriving in Nagano City, my friends and I checked in at our hotel. Then we went to Zenkoji temple. I heard that there is a special hallway with no lights that you can walk through and try to touch a secret key, but we went too late in the day to enter. I was very surprised to see a lucky charm vending machine outside the temple! It was definitely a mix of old and modern Japan!

新幹線で長野に行きました。新幹線に乗る中で一番好きな所は駅弁だからもちろん買いました。長野市に着いたら友達とホテルでチェックインしました。次に善光寺というお寺に行きまし た。そこで特別な真っ暗の廊下があるそうです。そこで入た人が秘密の鍵を触れようとするそうですが私たちが着いた着いたのは遅すぎました。お守りの自動販売機を見ましたがびっく りしました。昔と近代の日本がちゃんぽんだと思います。





The next day we took a train to the town of Obuse. In Obuse is Ganshoin temple, where there is a painting of a phoenix on the ceiling by the famous artist, Katsushika Hokusai. The painting was very beautiful, and the temple was very peaceful and quiet. This temple is also famous for having many frogs living in the pond next to it, and we could hear them chirping (my friends thought it was a cd, but I thought it was real!)

次の日小布施という町に電車で行きました。小布施で岩松院というお寺があります。有名な浮世絵作家の葛飾 北斎はお寺の天井に鳳凰図という絵を描いたそうです。その絵はすごくきれいでお寺はとても静かで穏やかでした。このお寺は蛙の池も有名だそうです。蛙のケロケロを聞こえました。(友達は蛙の音はCDだったと思いましたが私は本物だったと思いました!)









After visiting the temple, we went to the Hokusai museum, to see more of Hokusai’s amazing art. I especially love the way he draws people’s faces. After that, we went to enjoy Obuse’s most famous food – chestnuts. We had chestnut rice lunch sets at a popular restaurant, and then went to a European-style tea salon for tea and chestnut Mont Blancs. Of course, they were delicious!

お寺に行った後で北斎館に行きました。素晴らしい絵をもっと見ました。私は彼の人の顔の描き方をが特に好きです。その後小布施の有名な食べ物を楽しみました。栗料理で した。人気なレストランで栗飯の定食を食べましたし、次にヨーロパ風の喫茶店で紅茶とモンブランを食べました。もちろん美味しかったです。






Please share your travel stories with me sometime!



See you soon!




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