I want to tell you about the Czech Republic.by Keith

Hello again, Everyone. It's nearly the end of a year and as I write
Tokyo is deep into it's uncomfortable version of winter. Many places have
winters that are much more dramatic and wintery than Tokyo's but few
places can match Tokyo's winter for good old fashioned



Tokyo's winter has a habit of fooling me into leaving the house in a light jacket and then dumping freezing cold rain all over me when I come home. Tokyo's winter may not sound that cold but the humidity leaves me wearing more sweaters than I think even a Swede would consider.



That being said the best thing to do when the weather keeps you in is
look at pictures of and fun places, so I wanted to share some
pictures and from my fall vacation with you. This October, kudos of a high yen and drop in oil prices, My wife and I were able to visit three European countries. First I want to tell you about the Czech Republic.



Czech Republic. We flew into Prague and spent 3 days there and 1 day in
the countryside.







What's Prague like ? For starters imagine a real life Disneyland, basically lots of fairytale castles, Old Gothic Churches with
spires and towers populated by myriads of mythological creatures of
dubious intention, ancient narrow cobblestone streets that wind their way
up and down hills and are occasionally intersected by street cars nearly
as ancient and an innumerable collection of festive beer halls.



If you can imagine that then you can imagine Prague.










What are people like in Prague? Czech is an ethnic hodgepodge of eastern
european and germanic peoples with an intense history of fighting, drinking and rebelling. Not surprisingly then we found that Czech Beer is
the best and the cheapest in the world and can be purchased and consumed
basicly everywhere. Seriously every type of business, Coffeeshop, Pharmacy, Church, Museum ,Bookstore, also doubles as a bar.







Also not surprisingly Czech people have a bold ,independent and creative
personality .As a result the city is full of opera houses, theaters and
art houses. On the other hand bold, independent and creative do not translate into helpful friendly service. If you ask anyone in Prague for help you should be ready for a full on verbal attack of varying degrees of coherence.



On one occasion I asked a station clerk where I could buy tickets, a natural question to ask a station clerk right? She not only
slammed her booth window shut but also turned the lights off. A little
different from service in Japan.









How about the Food in Prague? Well ,as I mentioned Prague is a veritable
Beer Heaven, it's very good quality, Fresh, often brewed on site and super
cheap. You can have a beer brewed by monks while sitting in a hilltop
garden overlooking Prague or in a boat on the Beautiful Danube river. You
can have a beer with your morning coffee or buy a pint while strolling
down the street.



The bad news is you might have a hard time getting some good eats to go with that excellent beer. For starters Czech cuisine isn't exactly on the same page as Japanese cuisine. As an example one Czech snack is hard bread with fat and onions. Hard bread=old and the fat is really actually fat not butter, served cold. But honestly the biggest problem with the food seemed to be quality more than a difference in taste. Food was often overcooked, cold and generally made without love. If you visit Prague your best bet is to stick to foods that pair well with
Beer. Sausage, Cabbage and Combinations of the two seemed to always be







What's should you do in Prague?
First you should just walk around the town, it's small and everything is
beautiful. There are so many narrow streets to get lost in, so just walking
is the best way to see the town.
Second, make you sure you climb to the top of the some of the castles and churches, the view of the city is beautiful.
Third, of course drink lots of beer and coffee. Fourth take one day to go
to the countryside, I recommend Kutna Hora and it's bone church. Fifth, go to lots of plays and classical music concerts, they're cheap, good and
usually the building they are held in looks something out of an old movie.

3つ目はもちろんビールやコーヒーをたくさん飲むこと。4つ目は1日は田舎にいくことかな。僕のオススメはKutna Hora(クトナー・ホラ)そこには骨の教会があるんだ。5つ目は演劇やクラシックのコンサートにいくこと。とっても安いしそれらが開かれている建物はまるで古い映画にでてくるようなものばかりなんだよ。
















That's all for now, next blog I'll tell you about Vienna and Budapest.If
you want to hear more feel free to ask, and always please tell me about
your travel experiences.



Regards, Keith


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