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Continuing the tour after incapacitating myself with that pea-and-mint risotto, those chips and coconut panna cotta, our adventure, now meandering over the banks of the river Thames, got its own complementary soundtrack from busking musicians and singers. There was all kinds of music – Jamaican; folk; big band – that echoed under the arches as our new destination, the Tate Gallery, drew near. Music is as natural as the air we breathe in London.


At the Tate, I discovered Picasso, and settled into my new role as a seasoned art critic.
“I could have done that,” was my first critique upon witnessing Picasso’s “Weeping Woman”. By the end of the day my tune had changed: “That would look rather fetching on my wall.”



Picasso: Weeping Woman (1937)ピカソ:泣く女 (1937)

In fact, I worked out that a Picasso’s true value comes down to whether you would want to look at one while doing your business. As good as some of them are, I would get stage fright with one of those things leering down at me first thing in the morning while I’m sitting on the toilet.
ピカソの絵とは、その絵を自分の家に飾れるかどうかが真価を問う鍵になると思います。でも、朝起きて自分の洗面所のトイレに「泣く女」が自分を見下ろしていたら、 舞台恐怖症になりそうです。

I just couldn’t get my head around the Picasso my dad liked though.
I swear … I could have done that
父が好きだったピカソの絵は、どうしても僕には理解ができませんでした… 正直、自分でも描けたと思います。


Picasso: The Three Dancers (1925)ピカソ:三人のダンサー (1925)


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