Summer Heat and Making Friends by Joseph

It has been so hot! I’ve never lived in a place so hot before, hahaha.
Before I come to work I prepare by eating a little bit and drinking lots and lots of water. I have a large water bottle that I fill up and make it my goal to drink most of the water before I leave my home. I also make sure to take a little water bottle with me that I fill up at home. Doing both of these things seems to work well for me so far 🙂
Please, please be careful of heat stroke! I hear that if you feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Plan ahead to never be thirsty 🙂



For today’s blog I would like to encourage our members to try to make a foreigner friend. If the person looks kind and friendly then maybe you can try to say “hello”! Haha, be brave!! Do not worry about your speech or grammar; just speak what comes to your mind. Ask simple questions!

Start with “Hello!” It is as simple as that! Then, ask little questions such as “Where are you from?” and “Are you enjoying Japan?” If you can get them to tell you about themselves then you are doing well 🙂 If you think that person would be fun to talk to maybe you can add them as a friend on a chat program or exchange contact information to meet up again.

「どこから来たの?」とか「日本の生活を楽しんでる?」と小さな質問をしてみよう。もし、彼らが自分の事を話してくれたら、いい調子だね。 もしその人があなたと話すのが楽しそうだなと感じたら、きっと連絡先を交換できると思うよ。

In the end, do not worry 🙂 Even if others speak a different language they are still people just like you and me. Language is a tool to communicate, but there are more ways to communicate than just language. Smiles, hand gestures, body gestures, and the pitch of your voice are all ways to communicate, too! If your body language is friendly the person will know you are friendly even without saying a word. 🙂

心配しないで  違う言語を話す人でも彼らは僕と君のように、同じ人間だから。


Haha, and if the person you speak to does not speak English then just smile, wave, and continue your search for your English speaking friend! 🙂


Good luck!! And do not be afraid to make mistakes 🙂 Mistakes are simply opportunities to learn more things! Go learn!! 😀



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