Live a Little! Do Halloween! byJon

I love Halloween!
How about you?
Seems that most people in Japan couldn’t care less about Halloween.
I’m here to change all that!
Do you ever wake up some day and wish you were someone else? I bet you do! We all do, at some point!
Wanna be Superman and save people from danger??
Wanna be Tiger Woods and hit a hole on the 18th hole to win The Masters??
Wanna be a worm and slither into a crack, escaping the world around you, temporarily??
Well guess what! Halloween is the day you can do that?
Sure, the main appeal of this holiday is for children to go out trick or treating and collect candy by the ton.
But there are infinite costume parties in this big city. Shibuya, Roppongi and Harajuku, to name a few, must be crawling with people, young and old, dressed up as their dream characters.
I decided to join in on the fun this year.
I recently became a Naruto addict, and have become fixated on Ninjas.
Tossing sharp objects while flipping through the air, jumping from tree to tree, and hitting the bull’s eye every time.
How cool is that?!
That’s what I wanna be.
And today, my friend, I AM that!
Sorry to those of you whom I spooked with my red eyes.
In fact, they are special eyes, called Sharingan, and come with very special powers.
I hope some of you appreciated the work I put into my purple rope/Obi (or whatever it’s called), because I’m damned proud of it.
It was my first time sewing anything, and it took ages. But I think the final product is impressive.
The rest of my costume is just a collage of new and old clothes, and a wicked sword I bought in Asakusa.
Final product: Sasuke; former Shinobi from Konoha, protege and slayer of Orochimaru, and Naruto’s friend/rival
I am currently writing this blog on my break, watching the seconds pass by until the sun sets and I can show off my garb in Shibuya.
This is the day! The day when I am not Jon!
I am whoever I want to be!
Today I am Sasuke!
Today is Halloween!


Live a Little! Do Halloween!


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