My Online Story by Joseph

Hello everyone 😀
HAPPY 2015!

Since it is the New Year I will make today’s blog a little longer than usual. I will share some about my past that may be an interesting read.

When I was growing up my parents offered me a chance to be home-schooled. My parents ordered books from different education companies and I studied at home every day. Without the slowdowns involved in teaching a large group of children I was able to study for only 4 hours a day to learn everything I needed. Because of this, I had a lot of free time to develop other areas of interest that I had! 🙂

The largest benefit from this time in my life was becoming good friends with people of all ages from all over the world. While online, I was able to listen to different accents, find different cultural ideas, and broaden my mind to be accepting of people for who they are. I really enjoyed playing online with friends, and began to develop leadership skills the more we all played together.

Eventually, my small group of friends grew and grew until it became over 100 people. We played several different online games, but we were sure to always have fun, be kind, and work together. We entered competitions and many teams were able to reach the top 10 in their competition groups, but this also sometimes caused arguments and stress.

For many groups it was my role to assist with any issues that popped up. Some of my tasks included mediating issues, performing interviews, managing game funds, and creating policies and systems. We had training sessions in addition to weekly practices and casual get-togethers. I wanted to create an environment that was structured, fun, and fair, but also productive. I called this style “casual-professional”, and I believe it was very successful!

I continued this online adventure of mine for almost 10 years. When I stopped leading these teams I felt that it was possible to recreate that wonderful and effective environment in the real world. Perhaps one day I will have that chance if I am able to make my own company!

I consider this large group of friends of all ages from all over the world one of my greatest life accomplishments. To me, this experience is even greater than that of my university education, haha! Recently, some old friends of mine have told me how significant that time was for them in their life, and how it also helped them to grow as a person. Now, I have added one goal to my to-do list for when I am old and retired: I want to make a new, globalized online community that has even more people, more fun, and more accomplishments! 🙂

I left out a lot of details, but I hope this was still an interesting read. 🙂
Please have a wonderful week, everyone! I will see you all soon 😀




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