Planes, Trains and Gardens – Shanghai Part 2 – by Christian

Planes, Trains and Gardens – Shanghai Part 2 – by Christian

ひこうきと列車とガーデン – クリスチャンの上海旅行パート2


Overnight there had been a strong wind and a lot of heavy rain, however by morning the stormy conditions were easing off as the typhoon moved northwards. Seeing the conditions, improve I decided that today I would visit the gardens in Suzhou.



I caught the Metro to the large Shanghai Station and then transfered to an intercity train bound for Nanjing. As the train left the station, the sprawl seemed almost endless as cranes were again dotted all over the landscape.



Suzhou, a city with a history of over 2,500 years, is located about 40 minutes by train from Shanghai. The city is not only famous for its gardens but also for canals, bridges, pagodas and the silk industry. However, because of my limited time I would aim to visit the gardens.



When I arrived, I caught the bus to the Lingering Garden (Liuyuan). The bus made its way through the bustling streets before arriving outside the garden. Upon entering some classical music was being played and it was accompanied by traditional Suzhou storytelling. It sounded very beautiful and provided an insight into life in Suzhou many years ago.

到着すると留園行きのバスに乗り込んだ。バスは雑踏とした通りを抜けて、ガーデンの外に到着した。そこでは伝統的な音楽が流れていて、蘇州市の物語も一緒に流れていた。それはとても美しくて何年も昔の 蘇州市での人々の暮らしが蘇るようだったよ。








After some confusion, (*o*) I later arrived at the Humble Administrator`s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan). The garden was very large and contained many smaller gardens, numerous beautiful pavilions and ornate bridges which were set among a maze of pools and islands.




















After visiting the garden it had become early evening, so I walked around some of the local backstreets. There was lots of activity as people went home from work, ate street food and cycled on their rickshaws. I wanted to explore more but I had no time as I had to get back to the station and to Shanghai.















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