Travis’s First Blog

This is my first blog. I have a lot to share about my experiences in Japan
and other countries. I like traveling and try to get away whenever I have
the chance. But first I should tell you something about myself.



I grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne and never really thought about going
overseas until I was about eighteen. I was at a party one night and meet
some exchange students from Europe. They were all in Australia to study
English. Up until then other countries were just names on a map for me.
But after that I began to think about what it would be like to live by
myself in another country.














Why Japan? It’s a question I get asked often. I could have chosen lots of places. I even spent some time thinking about traveling around Australia for a month or two. But what would I do for money? I’d have to go by car. Would it survive a long road trip?
After I finished studying I got a part time job at the Casino and started to make plans. But the plans melted every summer when my car started to overheat.



Then one day I got a phone call from a friend I hadn’t seen for a long
time. ‘Where are you, Pete?’ I asked, thinking he might be calling from the cafe down the road.
“Japan” He answered. While I was daydreaming about getting on the freeway and and just driving until my car stopped Pete had packed his bags and come to Tokyo. He told me about his job as a teacher and all the fun he was having in here.
“You should come over,” he said. A few days after we spoke I saw an ad in the paper for an English school in Japan. I called them up, went to the interview and got the the job the next week.



I’ve been living in Japan since then. My friend Pete is long gone. But I decided to stay here for a while. I made some new friends, got my own
house, started learning Japanese. Living in Tokyo is like nothing else I could have expected. There are lots of weird and interesting stories to tell you but those will have to wait until the next blog. See you soon.





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