SeaPunk by Colin

A recent trend in music, fashion and design from America that you may not know about is called “Seapunk” and has stretched all over the world somehow.

Actually it is very clear how this trend spread because it was created on the internet on blogs and through SNS networks such as twitter or tumblr where everyone has access.

アメリカから流行した最近の音楽、ファッションやデザインは、ご存知ないかも知れないけど “Seapunk” (シーパンク) と呼ばれていて、どういうわけだか世界中に広まっているんだ。

実はどうやってこのトレンドが広まったのかはとても明らかで、インターネットのブログや、ツイッターもしくはtumblr (タンブラー) などの誰もががアクセスできるSNSのネットワークを通じて広まったんだよ。








I feel Seapunk in Harajuku when I see boys and girls coloring their hair bright greens that fade into purple or other bright colors.

I think the hairstyling has been perfected in Japan actually but probably how it got here was because of the movement’s influence on Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani who are in many fashion magazines in Japan.

僕は原宿で、紫などきらびやかな色が混じった鮮やかな緑色に髪を染めている男の子や女の子達を見ると Seapunk を感じる。実際には多分日本では、このヘアスタイルは日本で多くのファッション雑誌に載っているレディー・ガガ、ケイティー・ペリー、そしてグウェン・ステファニーのムーブメントに影響を受けて、作られていったのだと思うよ。


Seapunk’s fashion has the energy of DIY punk but is much more carefree and happy than punk rock music.

Many Seapunks started coloring their hair blue, green, or turquoise, and accenting it with matching make up.

Other major trends in seapunk include mirrored circle sunglasses, yin-yangs,, aquatic animal tattoos and anything that glows blue.

Seapunk always has a feeling of irony and felt very funny at first before it became popular with younger people.

Seapunk の流儀は、DIYパンクの勢いを持っているけれどパンクロックミュージックよりも気楽で楽しいものなんだ。


Seapunk の他の主な傾向には、丸いミラーサングラス、yin-yangs(陰陽)、水生生物のタトゥーや青く輝く物があるよ。

若者たちに人気が出る前は、Seapunk は最初、皮肉やおかしさを感じさせるものだったんだ。





Seapunk music is a mix of many genres of club music from the past 15 years including techno, R&B, and southern rap (the rap made in the southern region of the USA) mixed with a feeling of New Age music or old roughly arranged hiphop cassette tapes.

The art and design of seapunk uses many windows 3D graphics, screen-savers, Sega game characters, and early internet art from the 1990’s.




The pop-star, Rihanna used Seapunk imagery in video projections for her performance on TV.

Many people were confused about this because a celebrity was taking art from underground internet places without giving credit or paying anybody.

This aesthetic is also
found in Japanese street brands such as “galaxxxy”.

Of course, Seapunk is not so original and was made for everyone to freely enjoy but people were just surprised by its impact on culture worldwide.

The original artists are all very confused actually about what it means.



この美的感覚は、日本のストリートブランド “galaxxxy” などにも認められるよ。

もちろん、Seapunk はオリジナルではなくて誰もが自由に楽しむためにできたのだけれど、人々はそれが文化へ与えた世界的な影響にただ驚いただけなんだ。オリジナルのアーティスト達は、実際にはそれが何を意味するのか、誰もがとても困惑していた。






I actually have never seen a real “seapunk” before because the movement started in Chicago after I graduated in 2009.

I have a feeling it began soon after this time.

I feel Future Shock now just like when someone feels culture shock when they go to another country.

シカゴでは僕が卒業した2009年以降にこのムーブメントが始まったから、実は僕はまだ本物の”seapunk” を見たことがないんだ。






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