I’ve got a feeling…..by Keith

I’ve got a feeling

Feelings, the most elemental of Human experiences, people of every race and culture share the same feelings, and yet there’s nothing really as hard to express.
Everything else is a name or a label.
If someone wants to know what an Apple or a Bag is you can just show them an Apple or a bag but outside of emotions showing someone how we feel is a bit tricky.
What makes it even trickier is that usually the words a dictionary gives you , wind up making you look laughably serious .
So today I thought I’d give you some handy expressions that you can use to casually talk about your feelings. To make it simple every expression will include Get…

感情を言い表すのをシンプルにするためには、Get を使って・・・

◆Gets to me… ( Something touches you, or really makes you feel something, good or bad. )

・The part in the movie where he dies really got to me. I started crying .

◆Gets under my skin.. ( Something really bothers you, as if it were under your skin..)
-ものすごく不快。 皮膚の中に入ってくるような・・・

・I’m usually a calm person but this new guy at work really gets under my skin, I think I’m going to kill him.

Gets under my skin

◆Gets me going.. ( Become excited, or angry.. )

・When I told my boss that I would need ten days off that really got him going.

・A good double shot of espresso really gets me going.

◆Gets me pumped.. ( Become very excited in a happy and positive way..ready to do something )
・This music gets me pumped.
Get a kick out of …( Enjoy something in a lighthearted way.. something makes you laugh)

・I get a kick out of watching my coworker trying to kiss up to our boss.

◆Get worked up… ( become angry or overly excited about something… )

・My neighbors get all worked up when I forget to separate my burnable and non burnable trash.

Get worked up

I hope these will help you get your point across .


Enjoy ,Keith


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