Best Crew in the Deep Blue! by Jon

It feels like just yesterday that I formed my crew and set sail to the deep blue sea, but we’ve already been through a lot together. We’ve had a few run-ins with the sea’s most ferocious sea monsters, had our fair share of battles with the weakest of pirate crews and visited many incredible islands. I’ve learned a great deal about my comrades along the way.

Let’s start with my shipwright. This guy’s the most creative man I’ve ever met. He has made some of the most useful upgrades to our ship, such as sails made of the world’s strongest fabric and a soft serve ice cream machine that makes the most delicious ice cream.


Next up is my swordsman. Aside from being one of the world’s most skilled men with a sword, he also tells the funniest jokes. That is, when he’s not sleeping, of course. I’ve seen him sleep for 24 hours straight on occasion. Sometimes I think he’s the laziest person in the world.
次は剣士だ。世界で最も剣に熟練した男ということは別として、彼は最高におもしろい冗談も言う。 つまり、その時はもちろん彼は眠っていない。私は24時間ずっと眠る彼を見たことがある。私は時々、彼は世界一の怠け者だと思うことがあるんだ。

I’d now like to introduce my crew’s newest member. Although she doesn’t have a specific title, I allowed her to be our mate because she’s the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Whenever we dock at a new island, she always makes the meal plans and finds the best restaurants. She’s still a bit of a mystery to me, but I have a feeling she’s got a few things up her sleave that I’m yet to learn.


I swear, one look at my musician, and you’d think the guy never eats. He’s the skinniest man I’ve ever seen; nothing but skin and bone. I’ve recently learned to appreciate his Japanese tunes, and they are the most upbeat songs I’ve ever heard.


I’m no longer the tall, slim guy I was prior to taking to the high seas. The man to blame for that is my wonderful chef. He makes the sweetest cakes, the saltiest Ramen, the juiciest steaks and the most refreshing drinks.

Finally, the ocean’s most talented navigator. She’s by far the quietest member of our crew, but she has been opening up a bit recently. Aside from having a nose for direction, she’s also the best artist on the ship. She is constantly drawing maps of everywhere we’ve been. I definitely feel that my ship and crew are in good hands.

By the way, the other day, we came across a sea monster with the sharpest teeth and the reddest eyes I have ever seen. At first glance, it was quite scary, but we sent it flying without breaking a sweat. Easiest opponent ever!

Now that you know why I feel I have the greatest crew ever to raise anchor, you must have a better understanding of why I’m so confident in becoming the next PIRATE KING!



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