The power of adjectives and adverbs! 

The power of adjectives and adverbs! ~形容詞と副詞の力~

I challenge you to paint more… with your words!! :D

Adjectives and adverbs give people the power to speak as if they were painting a beautiful picture. This is very useful not just for storytelling, but also for romantic encounters ;D haha. Maybe one day you will encounter an English speaking prince who tries to woo you and now you will know exactly what he is saying! haha ;D (Or maybe you can woo him instead – ho hooo…)

adjectives and adverbs

Let’s start simple.A girl says:
A guy was standing over there.

adjectives and adverbs2

This sentence may be very true, but it is not fun! Sure, there was a guy standing over there… but what about the guy? Lets try to add more to the painting :)
この文は、確かに正しいかもしれません…が!!楽しくない!! 確かに男性がひとりそこに立っていた….でも、その男性についての表現は? 文の色付けに足してみましょう^^

She adds a little more: A cute guy was standing over there.

Ohhh, so now he is a cute guy? That changes everything! Hahaha… lets try to add even more.
お~、それじゃあ彼は可愛らしい男性で?全部が変わってきますね!ははは^^ 試しにもっともっと付け加えてみましょう。

More: A cute, toned guy was casually standing over by the station.
さらに。 「可愛らしくて、身体の引き締まった男性がひとり、駅のそばに何気なく立っていたわ。」

And more!: A cute, toned guy was casually standing over by the station, but now he is coolly walking towards me. Wait… towards me?
それからそれから!可愛らしくて、身体の引き締まった男性がひとり、駅のそばに何気なく立っている。でも、それから彼はわたしに向かってクールな感じで歩いてきて.. 」 

adjectives and adverbs3

Even more!: A cute, toned guy with his shirt slightly unbuttoned was casually leaning against the sunlit station wall. He gently angled his head up to look in my direction and began coolly walking towards me. Wait… towards me?! Run away!
もっともっと! 「可愛らしくて、身体の引き締まってて、シャツのボタンを少しだけあけた男性が、太陽の日がさした駅の壁に何気なくもたれかかっていた。彼は優しく顔をあげ、わたしの方を見て、こっちに向かってクールに歩き始めた。」
待って…あなたに向かって!? 逃げて!

Haha, the guy was actually just walking to a girl behind her. But at least there are lots of details in the sentences! :D
ははは。その男性は実は彼女の後ろにいた女性に向かって歩いてきただけでした(笑) でも少なくともその文の中にはたくさん細かい情報が含まれています。

You can write all kinds of fun things with adverbs and adjectives. Description words and phrases are your colors of life. Use your power of colors to combine them into beautiful ideas, sentences, and phrases. :)

Good luck! And feel free to leave comments below :D

I hope to see you soon!



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