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Hi everyone,

My name is Jesse and I have recently moved to Japan 5 months ago from Perth, Western Australia.
My family is originally from New Zealand and my father is Maori, although my skin colour doesn’t look dark enough to be mistaken as Maori I do have my dad’s face though haha.
Some people think that Japanese language shares the same roots Maori and other Polynesian languages, but it is clear from listening to these languages that they phonologically sound similar.

In Australia I studied Art (painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital illustrations) at university and was really influenced by the unusual and beautiful designs of Ukiyo-e Japanese artwork. Along with Japanese are I love Japanese make-up and fashion styles as they are so fun and varied.


I visited Tokyo twice in the last 2 years but felt disappointed that I couldn’t speak Japanese even though I loved my trips.
Although I am an artist by name I have recently stopped making art to pursue my second love, languages.
I love to speak different languages but just like everyone else I sometimes struggle to stay focused and get a bit lazy studying them.
So I am still kind of a beginner in Chinese and Japanese.
Having studied French in high school and a little while I was at university, I recently attempted to teach myself Chinese in 2013 and Japanese in 2014.

I love cooking Chinese and Korean food because they’re so spicy and it really satisfying fermenting your own kimchii and making dim sum from scratch.
I also, as an artist, love to cut and dye my friend’s hair. I have dyed my hair every hair colour of the rainbow (except for black and green) (>.<) If you love to talk about cooking, art, languages, hair, makeup and comedy shows I am the perfect lesson partner to come chat with! I am enjoying my job here more and more each day! 私は中華料理と韓国料理をつくることが好きです、なぜならそれらの国の料理はとても辛くて、発酵からつくられるキムチや点心は私の舌を満足させてくれるからです。 またアーティストとして、友人の髪を切ったり染めることが大好きです。自分の髪は、今までに緑と黒以外のなないろに染めたこともあります。 もしあなたが料理や芸術、言語、美容関係、テレビについて話したい!興味があればピッタリなレッスンが出来ると思うわ。 私は皆さんとのレッスンを毎日楽しんでいます。 料理

I look forward to having a fun creative time helping you improve your English so see you soon!



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