Guess who`s from Australia? by Allison



Today I thought I would talk about Australian some bands and singers who are popular in Japan. Often people don`t realise these artists are Australian.

The most famous singer would have to be Kylie Minogue. She originally started out as a TV star on a series called Neighbours. After leaving the show, she became a pop star. In Australia, we call her The Pop Princess. Her most famous songs would be “Better The Devil You Know”, “Can`t Get You Out Of My Head”, “Spinning Around” and “All the Lovers”.
一番有名な歌手はカイリー·ミノーグに違いないと思います。彼女は「Neighbours」と言うテレビドラマでスタートしました。その番組が終わってから、彼女はポップスターになりました。オーストラリアで「Pop Princess」を呼びます。彼女の最も有名な曲は「Better the devil you know」「Can`t get you out of my head」「Spinning Around」と「All the lovers」です。

Kylie Minogue

Recently, Ricki-Lee Coulter has become very popular in Japan. She started her career on an Australian reality TV show called Australian Idol. This was a singing competition with the winner, as voted by people at home, receiving a record deal. Ricki-Lee didn`t win but became very popular after the show. Her most popular songs are “Can`t Sing a Different Song”, “Can`t Touch It” and “Burn It Down”.
最近、日本で有名になった歌手はリッキー·リー·コールターです。彼女は「Australian Idol」と言う番組でスタートしました。この番組は歌合戦で、聴衆が投票して、勝ったひとはレコード契約を結びます。リッキー·リーさんは勝てなかったけど、番組後終了後にすごい人気になりました。彼女の最も有名な曲は「Can`t sing a different song」「Can`t touch it」と「Burn it down」です。

Ricki-Lee Coulter

The first band is ACDC. You pronounce the name by saying each letter: A-C-D-C. Sometimes in Australia we pronounce it as “Acca, Dacca” as a joke. They formed in 1979 and play hard rock music. Their most famous songs are “Long Way To The Top”, “Thunder Struck” and “Shook Me All Night Long”. There is a street in Melbourne named ACDC Lane. They famously filmed the music video for “Long Way To The Top” down the main street of Melbourne`s Central Business District.
バントでは最初にACDCを紹介します。バンド名はA·C·D·Cと発音します。でも、オーストラリア人の私達は時々冗談で、バンド名前を「アッカ·ダッカ」と発音します。あのバンドは1979年に始まって、ハードローク音楽弾きます。バンドの最も有名な曲は「Long way to the top」「Thunder struck」と「Shook me all night long」です。メルボルンでACDC·Laneと呼ばれる通りがあります。メルボルンの中央ビジネス地区に表通りで「Long way to the top」ミュージックビデオを撮影したんです。


Another famous band would be The BeeGees. They formed in 1958 and are a group of three brothers. They have played many different types of music but are probably most famous for their Disco music. Their most famous songs are “Staying Alive”, “You Should Be Dancing” and “How Deep Is Your Love”. The BeeGees are also famous for recording the soundtrack to the John Travolta movie, “Saturday Night Fever”.
もうひとつの有名なバンドはThe·BeeGeesです。1958年に三人兄弟のグループとして始まりました。色々な音楽を弾きましたがディスコミュージックが一番有名です。バンドの最も有名な曲は「Staying alive」「You should be dancing」と「How deep is your love」です。それも、BeeGeesはジョン·トラボルタの映画、 「サタデー·ナイト·フィーバー」のサウンドトラッグでも有名です。


Those are only a few examples. I tried to find different styles of music to share with you. Next time I`ll introduce new artists for you.



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