What are YOU looking forward to? by Jon

What are YOU looking forward to?

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and it’s time to break out our fall/winter outfits (or buy a new wardrobe altogether, as my friends do). For some, this is an exciting time of year, “The fall colors are so beautiful”, “Snow is so beautiful”, “Finally the summer heat and humidity is behind us”, etc. is all I’ve been hearing these days. But to be honest, this is a terrifying time of year. I h-h-h-h-hate the cold! Hailing from Toronto, Canada, one might think that I am used to the cold, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am very sensitive to the cold, and would rather be sweating my (insert body part) off than shivering as Jack Frost laughs at me from above.

季節が変わりつつありますね。木々の葉も落ちて、そろそろ 衣替えの季節になりました(僕の友達みたいに全部新しい服に買い換える時期でもありますね。)。この季節が大好きな人の中には、「紅葉の色がとっても大好き。」、「雪ってすごくきれい。」、「やっと夏のうだるような暑さから解放されたよ。」なんていう人もいるでしょう。先日も同じセリフを聞きました。でも本心を言えば、私にとってこんなに苦しい季節はありません。もう寒さが嫌で嫌でたまりません!カナダのトロントで生まれ育ったから、寒さなんて平気でしょと思うでしょう。これは迷信といってもいいくらいのものです。寒さがとっても苦手なので、むしろ汗まみれになったほうがいいってくらいです(服の中までね)。まるで雪の妖精が寒さに震えている自分を笑っているようで好きになれません。

Nonetheless, I am still looking forward to many things this winter. I will be visiting Hakodate in December for 4 days. I can’t wait to feast on the, allegedly, delicious Hokkaido seafood and peering down on one of Japan’s must-see night views from atop Mount Hakodate. Although I may very well freeze to death up north, I can’t wait to pay a visit to the Canada of Japan. 


I also have exciting plans to visit Bangkok sometime around New Years, but this vacation is yet to be confirmed. Hands up if you’ve ever flown over the New Years’ holiday!



Oh… My… Goodness!!! I had no idea a flight could be so expensive! On the other hand, escaping the cold for a few days is worth any price…… Almost. Whether I go during New Years or later in January, I can’t wait to visit another Asian country.

YOUR TURN! What are you looking forward to this winter? Travel? Making a snowman (or snow-Domo)? Keeping warm under the kotatsu with your special someone? Write a few sentences, a paragraph, or better yet, an essay on what you are looking forward to this winter and tell your lesson partner all about it.



Have fun, and stay awesome!



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